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Mining Topics to Write About

Google Alerts – Google alerts will send you an email as often as you would like about topics that you incher into their search bar. So if you’re interested in purple unicorns… every time someone mentions purple unicorns on their blog, website or press release or whatever else they may do to publicize purple […]


Crafting Your Blog’s Voice For Your Audience

Where large companies have a website that speak to folks in a corporate tone, blogs are where you can really connect with your reader on a human and personal level.  Sure, you might be conveying business tips and how-to strategies, but your blog is where you can also appeal to your reader’s emotional side. Write […]


Let’s Get Your Blog Up!

Let’s Get Your Blog Up! In order to put your blog online you’re going to first need to select a blogging platform. Some of the different platforms out there include WordPress, MovableType, TypePad and Blogger. Well there are a lot of different blogging platforms available, at NicheBuilder we have focused completely around WordPress. Why WordPress? […]